ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews – An Honest ChaLEAN Extreme Review

ChaLEAN Extreme ReviewsIn our series of ChaLEAN Extreme reviews, we’ll be discussing the ups and downs of this popular home fitness program, what to expect from it, and who it’s right for. Hopefully, after reading our reviews you’ll have a good idea if the ChaLEAN Extreme workout is the best one for you.

Chalene Johnson’s ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program is designed to help participants lose weight through better diets and effective workouts. It’s a three month long program that is split into three phases, and uses varied exercises and workouts to present participants with a different routine every day. By avoiding repetition, the program not only keeps participants more engaged and eager, but it also avoids the plateau that other workouts can hit. Bypassing the plateau means that participants can continue to reap the full benefits of their exercise without having their body adapt to them.

The program uses weight training to build lean muscle, which burns fat both actively and passively. This process is called “Lean Phasing” by the program, and it can eliminate up to 60% of users’ body fat. There are additional aspects to the workouts, including cardio, that work in tandem with the weight training to increase fitness and energy.

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When you buy ChaLEAN Extreme, you’ll receive 15 ChaLEAN Extreme workout discs, two resistance bands, an exercise guidebook, a food guide, a body fat tester, and two bonus workout discs. The product can be purchased from Beachbody on their website or by phone. People who decide that the program just isn’t for them can get a refund within 90 days, no questions asked.

ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews – Benefits

It can be tough to get motivated to work out some days, but Chalene Johnson’s energetic and upbeat personality can have participants looking forward to their ChaLEAN Extreme routine. Finding time for exercise is easier when it’s an exciting part of participants’ days, and when workouts only take half an hour to do.

Putting on weight while working out can be pretty demotivating, so ChaLEAN Extreme gives participants excellent advice on what sort of foods to eat. There are some meals that will hinder attempts to lose weight, while healthy eating can make the program work more effectively. The best part of all is that the diets recommended by the program are anything but extreme; there’s no starvation in ChaLEAN Extreme.

Some programs are much too intense for out-of-shape participants to take up without burning out quickly. ChaLEAN Extreme is not one of those, and it spends its first workouts getting new users used to the exercises and learning proper form. There’s some flexibility in the weight training, and participants don’t need to go for the maximum loads immediately, and in many cases, shouldn’t. Participants might be surprised at just how much more they can lift towards the end of the program than when they started!

The program might seem female-oriented at first, but it’s quite effective for both genders. Men will benefit every bit as much as women will, and the unisex nature of ChaLEAN Extreme means that many couples will find it to be a fun workout to do together. By using the Lean Phasing fitness concept, the program uses the body’s natural ability to ramp up metabolism, and will help both men and women to lose weight and become more fit.

ChaLEAN Extreme Review – Drawbacks and Concerns

While weight training builds muscle and aids in slimming participants down, some users find that there’s too much of a focus on it. By incorporating additional abdominal and cardio exercises to their routines, some people have found they can get a more rounded workout. Participants should be cautious not to replace too much of the weight lifting, since it’s key to the program’s effectiveness.

Keeping up with an exercise program for three months can be difficult for some people, and even though ChaLEAN Extreme is split into three distinct phases, some may lose interest along the way. This is offset by using different routines daily, and by Chalene Johnson’s engaging personality. Still, it can be a long way to go for some people, and even though there’s benefit to completing only part of the program, it’s best when all three phases are finished entirely.

Participants who push through and complete the program may find themselves slimmer, fitter, and feeling better than ever. Finding thirty minutes a day to work out isn’t too difficult for most people, and some even find themselves eager to get into their daily exercise routine. Since ChaLEAN Extreme also encourages people to eat right, it can be a complete fitness system that can have long-lasting effects on participants. If it’s not what somebody’s looking for, there’s a money-back guarantee that he or she can benefit from. As mentioned in another one of our ChaLEAN Extreme reviews, since this workout is equally effective for both men and women, it can be an excellent choice for almost anyone who is looking to get fit.

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